Welcome Back, Baseball

Take a second to think.

Think about baseball and all of the memories you have shared with America’s favorite pastime.

Think about those memories with your dad throwing you pop flies in the driveway or just going out for a catch in the yard.

Think about those nights at the ballpark with your friends and/or your family.

Think about the things baseball has done for you.

These are all moments that baseball fans cherish and will remember for a lifetime. They are memories that can’t be taken away from you.

As baseball returns for its 127th year since being established way back in 1869 in Cincinnati, all of these memories and moments that we have shared with America’s Pastime return to your thoughts.

It has been a long offseason, but now is a time to celebrate. A time to celebrate the return of our nation’s pastime. A time to reminisce on the moments you have shared with this game. A time to forget everything for about three hours and just relax with the game we all love.

The late, great Leo Durocher said it best:

Baseball is like church. Many attend, few understand.

Whether you attend to understand or attend just to have a fun night out, baseball serves many purposes and without it, there just seems to be something missing.

The playoffs are fun (obviously), but Opening Day has that special something where everyone has something to celebrate. Everyone starts 0-and-0 and anything can happen throughout a season.

When it comes down to it, the harmonic tones of the late, great Mariners broadcaster Dave Niehaus summed it up appropriately.

There is nothing left to say:

Welcome back, baseball.

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