Hunter Pence’s Signs of the Time?

When you do a Google Image search for “Hunter Pence,” some startling pictures come crashing towards you, high beams on, full steam ahead. It takes a minute to get your bearings and figure out the direction.

The first sign reads “Hunter Pence Can’t Parallel Park.” Another shouts “Hunter Pence Makes His Bed.” Yet another screams “Hunter Pence Puts His Pants On TWO Legs At A Time.”

What is going on??

“It’s the wildest thing. The other day someone tailgating at the Notre Dame football game held a sign that said ‘Hunter Pence Gave Us Five Stars,’Pence shared with ESPN.

While Pence ultimately lets his on-field performance speak for itself, should the outfielder look to goad fans with his own sign, it’s worth wondering how the message would be designed. As it happens, Pence has some experience in designing his own on-field equipment, having worked with Franklin Sports to craft a custom personalized batting glove. In fact, Franklin Sports caught it on film, here:

For the 2016 season, all signs point to Pence having a repeat of his ’13 campaign, when he slugged 27 homers, had 99 RBIs, and hit .280. Jokingly called “Captain Underpants” by teammates for some outlandish off-field antics, it’s his fans’ signs that catch the eye. While certainly creative — “Hunter Pence Sings the Theme From ‘Ice Castles’ In His Head When He Runs the Bases After Hitting a Home Run” — there seems plenty hyperbole from his faithful following. Like his custom designed Franklin Sports batting glove, the signs devoted to Pence make him stand apart from others. As one uniquely crafted sign reads, “Superman Wears Hunter Pence Underwear.”

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