Major League Baseball opening day has come and gone, but the threat of injuries is constantly lurking beneath the shadow of every cleat.

The New York Yankees are no stranger to the injury bug; in fact, the health of their team will likely be the determining factor in whether the Yankees make a run in October or fall short once again in their quest for a 28th World Series championship. Naturally a bit of luck is required, but the key to surviving injuries over the course of a 162-game schedule is to create an effective plan B.

Keeping that in mind, I’ve created a detailed contingency plan for the Yankees that covers their starting lineup, rotation, and bullpen.

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Ryan McGriff

Ryan McGriff is a 23 year-old New Jersey native, Rutgers University graduate, and product of the Derek Jeter era. Baseball is literally in his blood and is an advocate of Fred "Crimedog" McGriff for the Hall of Fame. Along the way Ryan picked up a pen to go with his mitt and is building a career in sports journalism. You can give him a follow on Twitter @rymcgriff and check out his Yankee blog at

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