Covering All the Bases: Yankees Survival Guide for the 2016 Season

Al Bello/Getty Images North America

Designated Hitter:

Plan A: Alex Rodriguez

There aren’t too many pure designated hitters left in the game today, but at 40 years old, that’s really all Rodriguez should be. Considering his resurgent season in 2015, the DH role served A-Rod well, launching 33 A-Bombs and driving in 86 RBIs. It would be a bit optimistic to think Rodriguez can repeat that performance, but then again, everyone underestimated him going into last season too. If A-Rod is to repeat, the Yankees will need to give him occasional rest so that his body can handle the long season.

Plan B: Carlos Beltran/Mark Teixeira/Brian McCann

When Alex does get rest, the Yankees will most likely employ a rotating door to give some of their older stars a day off in the field. If Rodriguez happens to miss time, Beltran could move to the DH role and allow Aaron Hicks to get the bulk of the playing time in right field.

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