The Chicago Cubs – Five Things we’ve Learned from Opening Week

Source: Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images North America

Source: Jonathan Daniel – Getty Images North America

You Can Take Nothing for Granted

Coming into 2016 a lot of things were supposed to happen. The Cincinnati Reds, for instance, were not supposed to be very good. The New York Mets were supposed to be dominating. The Nationals were supposed to be figuring it out and probably contending later on. So many predictions are made in any given offseason that it’s hard, at times, to remember all of the things that were said that turned out to be wrong.

The Chicago Cubs planned on this as a breakout year for rookie Kyle Schwarber. He put on a show in spring training, smiling, catching for Jason Hammel, and breaking windshields with long bombs. Now they will be waiting for a long rehab and another shot at it in 2017.

The Cubs have all the right components to pound their way to the World Series, but as several of the players have said… you can’t get there unless you put in the time and win the games. Destiny might fall into laps out of the blue in movies, but in real life it needs to be earned. There are 155 more games to be played. There are no doubt injuries to be overcome, new challenges to be met, and battles to be fought.

Chicago Cubs fans need look no further back than 1984, or 1969, to realize that having the most talent and arguably the best team isn’t enough unless that team lives up to its potential. In the immortal words of Anthony Rizzo and company… LET’S GO!

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