As the story goes, technicolor dreamcoats come in red and yellow and green and brown and scarlet and black and ochre and peach … and blue. For ballplayers, the uniform they wear is also somewhat of a dreamcoat, whether it’s the bright gold of the Oakland A’s, the pale sky-blue of the Tampa Bay Rays, the more classic royal blue of the Kansas City Royals, or the patriotic red, white, and blue combination worn by the Chicago Cubs.

A utility player like Ben Zobrist, who has played first base, second base, shortstop, third base, and in the outfield for each of these teams, literally has coats of many colors from the many uniforms — and especially the many different gloves — he has worn.

A new member of the 2016 Cubs, Zobrist admits that his on-field skills may not catch the eye, as his “threads” have often stood out more: “I don’t have any flash in my game out there,” he shares with executives from Franklin Sports when designing his own custom batting glove. But it seems that joining the Cubbies suits Zobrist: “It’s a dream come true for a kid from Illinois to play for a team from Illinois.”

In designing a Franklin Sports custom batting glove, Zobrist can craft his own dreamcoat of sorts, selecting the colors for the fingers, each side of the hand, on the MLB logo, and right down to the stitching. Watch the video, here:

If nothing else, in his new Cubbies “uni” — with the color-matching customized Franklin Sports batting glove — Zobrist looks handsome and smart, a walking piece of art. After all, it is red … and blue.

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