Could Comcast Brag at Yankees’ Slow Start?

The first month of the 2016 MLB season is nearly in the books with the New York Yankees in a very un-Yankee-like place in the American League East standings.

The Bronx Bombers currently stand at 7-10 in the AL East—four games back of the front-running Baltimore Orioles who stand at 11-6. The team is in the bottom third in hitting with a .238 average and have one of the highest ERAs in the American League at 4.32.

As we baseball aficionados know, one month does not a season make (so don’t start printing out Cubs-White Sox World Series tickets just yet if you live in the 773).

So, while there is still plenty things to be all fine and good again in Pinstripes this year—the New York Daily News asked a vexing question that was related to the ongoing re-transmission dispute between Comcast and the Yankees’ regional sports network—the YES Network.

Bob Raissman, analyzing New York’s slow start out of the game in terms of the YES vs. Comcast spat, asked if Team Xfinity would throw more gasoline onto the flames by wondering if anyone would want to watch THESE Yankees for a higher price per subscriber.

Sure, it has not exactly been the best of months at The Stadium, but for Comcast to use it as a sticking point in their dispute with YES would be the textbook definition of playing hardball.

For those not keeping score, the YES Network is currently not being carried on Comcast—which is the primary cable television provider in the states of New Jersey and Connecticut.

Both are states that have a lot of Yankee fans, but Connecticut slowly but surely becomes part of Red Sox Nation the further East one travels in the Constitution State.

This means displaced Yankees fans have had to resort to alternative methods to continue to see games on television.

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