Fun With Small Sample Sizes: The Miami Marlins Best and Worst of 2016

Best Pitcher:
David Phelps, RHP

Source: Rob Carr/Getty Images North America

There’s an argument to be made here for Jose Fernandez based on his strikeouts and the fact that he’s one of only two Marlins starters with a win, but the team would have fewer than the six wins they have without new setup man David Phelps. Phelps was a swingman last season, working out of the bullpen and the rotation, but he has settled in nicely in the eighth inning role this season. He’s already accumulated 0.3 fWAR and 0.5 rWAR. In his 12 innings, he’s 2-1 with only 2 runs and 5 hits allowed. He’s struck out 14 and walked 5. After a career of switching from one role to another, it seems Phelps may have found his home in the eighth inning.

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