Adam Eaton and the South Side’s Hot Hand

Through the first month of the 2016 season, the Chicago White Sox are sitting pretty. With impressive pitching from Chris Sale and Mat Latos and some strong power numbers from Todd Frazier and Jose Abreu, the “pale hose” are looking good and fitting well. Baseball pundits predicted a strong season from this bunch, but with strong competition in the division from the likes of the Kansas City Royals and Cleveland Indians, few expected a first-month runaway with 16 wins (and counting!) in April.

Looking at the White Sox stats, the team has only one player hitting over .300: Adam Eaton. A career .285 hitter, Eaton’s strong start to the season could be credited to several factors, including the strength of the lineup around him helping him to see favorable pitches. Or, if we have some fun, maybe Eaton’s April surge can be attributed to a new approach to his hitting, but not necessarily a new stance, a new bat position, or a new way to shift his weight. Maybe his hot hand can be accredited to something more superhero-ish, like some super-enhanced talisman of luck, a token item that brings strength, confidence and some swagger to his game.

In doing a bit of research (also known as a Google search) on Eaton, a quick hit (or “Texas Leaguer,” to continue the theme) can be found within the Franklin Sports website, where Eaton is featured as a player who uses Franklin Sports batting gloves. In fact, Eaton worked with executives from Franklin Sports to design a customized and personalized batting glove, as the video here shows:

With a “pop of color,” some flair for the dramatic, and a mischievous smile (complete with dimples, hiding behind a furry beard), Eaton’s hot-hitting hands have been held by the grip of his customized Franklin Sports batting glove. With the long marathon of a season laid out in front of him, surrounded by both the power pitching and power hitting within the White Sox lineup, Eaton’s poised and ready for the games to come, each an opportunity to raise the batting average and keep on hitting.

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