Each National League Team’s Most Disappointing Player so Far

Atlanta Braves – Erick Aybar, SS, .177/.200/.208, 0 home runs, 2 RBIs


Source: Dylan Buell/Getty Images North America

No one expected much from the Atlanta Braves this year, but not many could have expected the dreadful 6-19 start they are off to. There hasn’t been many bright spots and there’s been a whole bunch of dark spots highlighted by injuries to Ender Inciarte and Daniel Winkler, and Hector Olivera‘s arrest.

From a statistical standpoint, though, veteran Erick Aybar has been the biggest disappointment. Aybar has never been known for his power, but has generally kept his average consistently between .270 and .290. This year has been a totally different story, and Aybar can’t find his swing in a new home. Aybar’s production isn’t really going to make or break the Braves’ season, but it may help them be at least slightly competitive.

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