Sources: Cubs looking to acquire a starting pitcher

The Chicago Cubs are looking to add a starting pitcher to the middle of their rotation, league sources said.

Julie DiCaro first reported the Cubs’ interest in adding a pitcher.

The trade deadline is usually a time when trades come, but multiple sources around baseball suggest that the Cubs aren’t interested in waiting until then.

“Their scouts are already watching targets,” one source said. “Seems like they aren’t waiting until the deadline.”

It’s unclear who the Cubs are specifically targeting, but it’s safe to say you can look at mid-level arms on bad teams as possible options.

In her initial report, DiCaro noted that the Cubs are playing Jorge Soler “sparingly to try to regain some of his market value.”

While I cannot confirm that at this time, it makes sense. Soler is a talented outfielder caught up in a crowded situation in the outfield. It also doesn’t help that Soler, as described by Jesse Rogers of, is a bad matchup on both offense and defense.

We will see what happens with Soler, but one thing is clear: If the right deal comes up for the Cubs that will net them another starting pitcher, they won’t hesitate to take it.

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