Over the last couple of weeks, when I’m able to plop down in front of a Seattle Mariners game, I’ve noticed myself exhibiting some odd behavior. I’m screaming at the TV. No, that’s not what is so odd. I’m hollering at the TV, because I have reason to celebrate. I’m clapping and pumping my fist in sync with a Felix Hernandez strikeout or a timely hit that scores a run.

So, here are five reasons the sense of excitement and happy anticipation are building over the last couple of weeks!

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Growing up in Seattle in the mid- to late-70s, baseball lay in the shadows of many young kids' interests, as the fledgling Mariners were barely a blip on the sports radar. As a teenager, I fell in love with a powerhouse SuperSonics team and was later to have my basketball heart ripped out. My love of baseball came slow, but am now a frothing fanatic. My first love is the Boston Red Sox (no bandwagoning here! I fell for them in '99), but I also cheer on the Mariners.

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