Five Reasons I’m Enjoying Screaming at the Seattle Mariners

5. The acronym RISP actually means Runners In Scoring Position.

For the last ten years RISP must have actually stood for Runners In Stranded Position, because they generally weren’t going anywhere. Suddenly, this year’s version of the M’s has figured out how to drive those guys in. Not only are they pushing runners across home plate from second and third, but they’re doing it with two outs!!

A few games back, Dave Simms and Mike Blowers — the Mariners’ broadcasters, some of you may not know — were talking about two-out RBIs. At the time, Seattle was leading the AL with 51 two-out RBIs. Quite impressive to a fan base accustomed to offenses that struggle as mightily as that old dog in Family Guy. Cano, Cruz, and Seager are the Mariners’ top three RBI guys, let’s see how they’re fairing with RISP.

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For some framing context, 27.2 percent of Cano’s 33 total RBIs have come with two outs and RISP. That’s 29.4 percent for Nellie and 36.8 percent for old Seags.

These are not your older sister’s Mariners, kids, so buckle up for a fun ride!

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