Mets Could Go After Mark Teixeira at Deadline

Who says enemies can’t help each other?

If Lucas Duda, and the New York Yankees each continue to struggle the way they have this season, the New York Mets could be a potential landing spot for Yankees’ veteran first basemen Mark Teixeira. That’s if the Yankees decide to be sellers come the trade deadline.

Duda, 30, has been sidelined for the Mets the last two games with a back injury, but even when he’s been healthy, he’s been disappointing. Duda is hitting just .237/.297/.431 this season and hasn’t really broken out into the slugger the Mets have been hoping he could become one day. He’s now into his 30s, and maybe it’s come time the Mets realize Duda may never break out of the inconsistent hitter he’s been, on torrid stretches at some points, while struggling to get the bat on the ball at others.

Teixeira, meanwhile, is hitting just .191/.296/.284 this season, but his track record is much better than Duda’s. Teixeira, 36, hit .255/.357/.548 with 31 home runs and 79 RBIs last season, and is a career .271/.363/.513 slugger. Furthermore, Teixeira’s contract is up at the end of the season, and although he has a no-trade clause, you would think he would easily wave it for an opportunity to play for the Mets, with a shot at winning another World Series while not having to move in the process.

Last year at the deadline, the Mets struck deals for Kelly Johnson and Juan Uribe, and Yoenis Cespedes at the deadline. Both of those not only improved what was an abysmal lineup dramatically, but also helped the Mets get to their first World Series since 2000. Although the lineup this year — with Cespedes and young stud Michael Conforto — is improved, Teixeira could be a huge addition in the middle of the order to lengthen the lineup.

So as the Yankees, who currently sit at 20-22, continue to mull selling at the deadline. And as Lucas Duda continues to struggle while his Mets (24-18) push towards a title, perhaps the two Big Apple neighbors could strike a deal at the deadline to send All-Star first basemen Mark Teixeira to Flushing.

With his lengthy contract expiring, the Yankees would love to get a prospect or two in exchange for Teixeira’s services, and with the Mets seeking offensive help to support a stellar pitching staff, this deal could make a lot of sense come late July.

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