Devon Travis Means Everything to the Toronto Blue Jays

May 5, 2015, the Toronto Blue Jays sat at 13-16, 3 games under .500 and everyone had given up hope on their playoff aspirations. On that same day the Blue Jays called up Chris Colabello, who was just named International League Player of the Week and had been successful at AAA. Colabello ended up hitting .321 last season with 15 home runs and 54 RBI’s and was a spark for the team and since that day, the Jays went 30-27, 3 games over .500 and back in the hunt. It was a spark plug, a good story and pushed everyone else to keep going and not giving in.

Fast forward to May 25, 2016 and the Blue Jays are set to recall Devon Travis who was out for the majority of last season with a shoulder problem. The Jays are again struggling at 22-25, again three games under .500 with no offense present, but have stellar pitching. They need offense and they need a spark plug. For a team to just be three games under .500 after being 0-21 when a team scores more than four runs, and having three starters batting under .200 is unbelievable. The talent they have is inevitable and in time they will reach their potential and start winning more and more games. For now they need someone to push them and that person is Devon Travis.

He had a dream start to his major league career, hitting .304 in 62 games and 239 PAs with eight home runs and 18 doubles in his short time before being injured and out for the season in 2015. They need Travis to achieve those same numbers and help the struggling offense get stronger. It is still early, there are still 115 games left to play and the Blue Jays are still close enough to compete and race after a playoff spot.

The Blue Jays’ second basemen are currently 29th in MLB in production and are batting .211 with 17 runs scored, six doubles, just four home runs and a .255 OBP which is awful and weak production from a spot that fared well last year with Travis starting at second. Ryan Goins who has started the majority of the games this season is hitting .148 this season and just .100 in the month of May, which shows no production from the second base position.

Constant lineup changes, low batting averages, and low production are dooming this usually potent Blue Jays team that bashed home runs and electrified a country leading them to the ALCS. That lineup is lost right now and Devon Travis could be just the the remedy the Blue Jays need to breakout and finally start giving their pitchers some offense to work with.

All eyes on you Devon.

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