Ten MLB Trade Deadline Ideas

Athletics Trade Sonny Gray to the Dodgers


Dodgers Receive:

RHP Sonny Gray

Athletics Receive:

RHP Jose De Leon

RHP Frankie Montas

C Austin Barnes

Why it’s good for the Dodgers:

Los Angeles is giving up a lot in this deal, but their farm system is loaded and can afford it. The Dodgers are in desperate need of some rotation help behind Clayton Kershaw, and young Gray, 26, is a top-of-the-line starter. Gray has struggled to start 2016, but he has a career 3.17 ERA and went 14-7 with a 2.73 ERA in 2015 during an All-Star campaign. Gray will be an ace for years to come, is under team control at a very club friendly rate until 2020, and would re-establish the Dodgers’ dominant one-two punch with Kershaw that is missing since Zack Greinke departed.

Why it’s good for the Athletics:

I don’t think the A’s should trade Gray, but it’s Billy Beane and it’s more than likely Gray gets dealt by August 1. This package would have Oakland’s front office very happy with their return. The A’s bring in De Leon, a 23-year-old right hander who is ranked the number-20 prospect is baseball and the Dodgers’ second-best prospect behind Julio Urias. De Leon should be ready for the majors soon and could be a front-line starter for years to come. Montas was the main piece involved in the Todd Frazier deal, and the 23-year-old righty’s fastball hits triple digits consistently. Montas is the 90th-best prospect in baseball and the Dodgers’ fourth-best. Catcher Barnes is loaded with potential, can be a very good slugging catcher in the pros, and wraps up this MLB-ready, excellent package Oakland gets in return for Gray.

3 Responses

  1. JJ Watt

    Rangers wish they could get Lucroy for that little. No way Milwaukee accepts that deal. All these deals are gross underpayments except for a select few. That Sonny Gray package is laughable aside from JDL. Please don’t do another article like this until you can get a grasp on the trade market.

  2. fred

    Won’t happen.
    Why its a dumb idea (besides them saying it won’t happen) – They don’t need any prospects as they have a great farm system. What they need is major league stars and ready players and Teharan is one already with a long contract.

  3. fred

    Lucroy won’ happen
    Rangers have 2 backup catchers that are currently hitting better than Lucroy, doing a fine job. And Chirinos who is recovering will be ready shortly.


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