Ten MLB Trade Deadline Ideas

Braves Trade Nick Markakis to the Orioles

Orioles Receive:

OF Nick Markakis

Braves Receive:

LHP Chris Lee

Why it’s good for the Orioles:

Everyone in Baltimore has missed Markakis since he left last offseason to sign a deal with the Braves, and it makes too much sense for a reunion. The Orioles were ditched at the last minute by Dexter Fowler before the season, and are in need of a corner outfielder. Markakis would be a major upgrade over Joey Rickard in left field or could play right and shift Mark Trumbo to left. Either way, Markakis – who is under contract until after the 2018 season – would be a major boost to the Baltimore lineup as they push towards a division title.

Why it’s good for the Braves:

The Braves have come out and said they’re willing to trade anyone making money not named Freddie Freeman, and although he has been good, Markakis will be a guy they deal by the deadline. Due to his contract, Atlanta will get more than they could – assuming they do not eat his salary – but in this deal they get Chris Lee, another young talented lefty to add to their surplus of young pitching talent.

3 Responses

  1. JJ Watt

    Rangers wish they could get Lucroy for that little. No way Milwaukee accepts that deal. All these deals are gross underpayments except for a select few. That Sonny Gray package is laughable aside from JDL. Please don’t do another article like this until you can get a grasp on the trade market.

  2. fred

    Won’t happen.
    Why its a dumb idea (besides them saying it won’t happen) – They don’t need any prospects as they have a great farm system. What they need is major league stars and ready players and Teharan is one already with a long contract.

  3. fred

    Lucroy won’ happen
    Rangers have 2 backup catchers that are currently hitting better than Lucroy, doing a fine job. And Chirinos who is recovering will be ready shortly.


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