Ten MLB Trade Deadline Ideas

Rockies Trade Carlos Gonzalez to the Mets


Mets Receive:

OF Carlos Gonzalez

Rockies Receive:

OF Curtis Granderson

OF Brandon Nimmo

RHP Gabriel Ynoa

Why it’s good for the Mets:

Although stellar GM Sandy Alderson made a plethora of moves to improve the Mets lineup this winter, it’s still very inconsistent, lacks pop, and seems thin. Granderson has been great for the Mets in the past and is awesome in the clubhouse, but he is just not getting it done and that doesn’t fly for a team with World Series aspirations. Gonzalez would not only be a major upgrade over Granderson but also would be paired with Michael Conforto and Yoenis Cespedes in the middle of the New York order to take their lineup to the next level. Gonzalez is hitting .294/.333/.471 in 2016 and is a career .290/.346/.521 hitter. The money in this deal is no issue for the Mets, as the money is basically a wash with Granderson’s and Gonzalez’s contracts both expiring after the 2017 season. The Mets get this done by giving up Nimmo, a former first-round pick, and Ynoa, a talented righty, two very good pieces but not pieces that will be severely missed in the farm system.

Why it’s good for the Rockies:

The Rockies, although they won’t say it, want to trade veteran outfielder Gonzalez and continue to breed young talent through their system. Trading Troy Tulowitzki was a first step, and CarGo will be able to bring in some more young talent. As they showed by taking on Jose Reyes’ contract in the Tulowitzki deal, the Rockies would accept taking on Granderson’s contract to cancel out Gonzalez’s because it would enable them to take in better prospects. Nimmo is hitting .300/.385/.444 in Triple-A Las Vegas and the Mets don’t have room for him with Cespedes in the fold. Nimmo would mash in Colorado and could be a spectacular lefty piece for their lineup for years to come. Ynoa, 23, is 6-1 with a 2.40 ERA in Triple-A and has loads of potential that could make him a valuable young pitcher for the Rockies’ rotation in the future.

3 Responses

  1. JJ Watt

    Rangers wish they could get Lucroy for that little. No way Milwaukee accepts that deal. All these deals are gross underpayments except for a select few. That Sonny Gray package is laughable aside from JDL. Please don’t do another article like this until you can get a grasp on the trade market.

  2. fred

    Won’t happen.
    Why its a dumb idea (besides them saying it won’t happen) – They don’t need any prospects as they have a great farm system. What they need is major league stars and ready players and Teharan is one already with a long contract.

  3. fred

    Lucroy won’ happen
    Rangers have 2 backup catchers that are currently hitting better than Lucroy, doing a fine job. And Chirinos who is recovering will be ready shortly.


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