Ten MLB Trade Deadline Ideas

Cubs Trade Javier Baez to the Rays


Cubs Receive:

LHP Matt Moore

OF Desmond Jennings

Rays Receive:

IF Javier Baez

Why it’s good for the Rays:

The Rays are going to look to deal Moore with top prospect Blake Snell ready to be a full-time starter in the rotation, and they are desperate for some offensive help. Tampa Bay has been long interested in Baez since this winter, and he could not only play shortstop or second base for the Rays, but can also move to the outfield at times. Baez, 23 and a top prospect, would develop into the star he is expected to become and be a huge upgrade in the lineup for Tampa.

Why it’s good for the Cubs:

Chicago has all the pieces for a championship but could use some help to solidify their pitching staff. Although Moore has struggled this season with a 5.31 ERA, his career ERA is 4.00, just two seasons ago he had a 2.00 ERA, and three seasons ago he went 17-4 with a 3.29 ERA. Not to mention, he is only 26. Moore would reunite with manager Joe Maddon and could be an upgrade for a rotation in Chicago where a change of scenery could help eliminate his struggles. Jennings, an underachieving outfielder, could provide bench depth for the Cubs and is still young. Maddon was always a fan of Jennings, and potentially the Cubs could do with Jennings what they did with Jake Arrieta: turn a former top prospect into what he was supposed to be. Some may think the Cubs aren’t getting enough value for Baez, but this deal fills a need, and Chicago doesn’t really have a use for Baez, so the leverage isn’t in their favor in the negotiations.

3 Responses

  1. JJ Watt

    Rangers wish they could get Lucroy for that little. No way Milwaukee accepts that deal. All these deals are gross underpayments except for a select few. That Sonny Gray package is laughable aside from JDL. Please don’t do another article like this until you can get a grasp on the trade market.

  2. fred

    Won’t happen.
    Why its a dumb idea (besides them saying it won’t happen) – They don’t need any prospects as they have a great farm system. What they need is major league stars and ready players and Teharan is one already with a long contract.

  3. fred

    Lucroy won’ happen
    Rangers have 2 backup catchers that are currently hitting better than Lucroy, doing a fine job. And Chirinos who is recovering will be ready shortly.


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