Who Is Able To Defeat Jake Arrieta?

Marc Serota/Getty Images North America

Marc Serota/Getty Images North America

2. Noah Syndergaard, Jacob deGrom

Last season saw the 2016 NLCS happen a year earlier than expected. The loaded lineup of the young Chicago hitters against the power pitching of the young New York rotation. That series saw the pitching of the Mets overwhelm the Cubs. The two teams have yet to square off in 2016 as both may very well be heading toward a destined rematch in the postseason. The power arms of deGrom, Syndergaard, even Matt Harvey and Steven Matz could all be up for the challenge of facing off against Arrieta in a must-see matchup.

The first meeting between the Cubs and Mets is in New York June 30-July 3. With Arrieta on the mound against any one of the viable young arms of the Mets, it will be an early fireworks display in the Big Apple. If things line up, also look for Arrieta to take on the Mets July 20 at Wrigley Field, fittingly on Jake Arrieta Bobblehead night.

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