Who Is Able To Defeat Jake Arrieta?

David Banks/Getty Images North America

David Banks/Getty Images North America

1. Chris Sale

On the surface, the Cubs traditionally struggle against left-handed pitchers which is what makes the likes of Kershaw, Bumgarner, and Sale even more menacing. Then there is the aura of arguably the best pitcher in the American League facing off against arguably the best pitcher in the National League. Oh, then there is that special element to where they both play in the same city on the big stage.

A matchup like this would raise the cross-town bragging rights to heights unknown. It would be the hottest ticket in town to see these two aces squaring off against each other. At the moment, it is also the matchup that can be projected as the most likely to happen.

The Cubs and Sox face off just after the All-Star break. With the time off allowing managers the chance to reset their rotations, Sale and Arrieta could easily be paired up on a collision course. Both have also said that they would welcome and relish the opportunity to face off against one another. The cross-town foes meet July 25-28, with the 26th as the possible targeted date.

The guys want it, the city wants it, and just after the midsummer break, it may very well come true.

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