May’s Advanced Stat All-Stars

Last month I began my case for why the All-Star selection process is outdated and needs to be changed. I believe it would make for a better game if the players were selected by performance and not fan favoritism. I put on my general manager cap and selected the best team available based on April statistics.

With the completion of May, I am back to do the same process but based on the most recent month’s statistics. I will provide an update on how the April All-Stars did and if they’re still on track for a deserved appearance at the mid-summer classic even if their numbers didn’t quite compete with the May representatives.

To repeat a few notes from April’s article:

*Note – I am selecting starters at each position (including a designated hitter for the American League). I won’t be selecting a bench, so each club may not have a representative. For pitchers, I will choose five starting pitchers, a set-up man, and a closer for each league.

**Note – all statistics had to be for qualified amount of plate appearances (84), or qualified amount of innings pitched (10). All stats courtesy of

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