Cuban Pitcher Christian Romero To Join Patrick Henry Program

It’s not often when a player who looks 5’10” on a mound and tips the scales at 154 pounds soaking wet can hurl an 89-mph fastball as a senior in high school.

18-year-old Christian Romero is doing just that and then some. In addition to leading his team to a playoff berth and leading the HOS conference in strikeouts with 66 in 48 2/3 innings, Romero slugged a whopping .598 his senior year for East Longmeadow High School.

Romero is the type of prospect who still has enormous space for growth in size and strength. In one offseason, Romero went from 119 pounds to 154 pounds with the help of his trainer.

“I worked with my trainer Jon Davis out of Power House Training this offseason on being more explosive and quicker from the top of my leg kick to my landing, Romero said. After that adjustment I could immediately feel that there was an uptick in velocity.” Romero was clocked at 89-mph before this season and since has put on thirteen pounds.

The Cuban/Dominican pitcher was recruited by Nick Gourneault, an area scout for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Mr. Gourneault saw potential for Romero and immediately reached out to the Patrick Henry baseball program in Virginia where he believes Romero will have the best assets he needs in order to blossom into a more complete pitcher.

Gourneault isn’t the only scout who had his head turned when he saw Romero compete. As recently as last year, the pitcher was invited to an Area Code training camp where scouts anonymously referred him to get more exposure to more teams, coaches and other scouts.

Romero credits his father for his success, who grew up stricken by poverty and who couldn’t take his career past the high school level due to the monetary restrictions of his family. His father’s dedication of time and money was something that left Romero speechless when he learned of his father’s sacrifices.

Romero looks to have a promising future in this game while pitching at the high school level in the northeast. With the exposure players get down south and with the help of the Patrick Henry training staff and coaches, Romero may have a shot at playing professionally sometime down the road.

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