Interview with Rays Prospect Cade Gotta

From as early as three years old, Cade Gotta always had a strong passion for sports. Gotta and his siblings would be outside playing all different kinds of sports all day long. He credits his family and his coaches for the success he has had as a professional baseball player.

“My dad and my high school coaches would throw batting practice to me for hours,” Gotta told Baseball Essential. “They would spend as much time as they could helping me improve my swing.”

Gotta grew up playing football, basketball, and baseball, but he decided to make the commitment to baseball when it became clear that it was his best sport. However, Gotta faced some adversity along the way when he was cut from his high school team.

“When I was cut from my high school team, I started to think that being a professional baseball player became a long shot,” Gotta said. “But I kept working as hard as I could because playing professional baseball was always my dream.”

Gotta continued his baseball career at San Diego Christian College. In his senior year, Gotta declared for the draft and was selected in the 26th round of the 2014 draft by the Tampa Bay Rays.

“The draft process was definitely a nerve-wracking experience, especially since I didn’t have any more college eligibility,” Gotta said. “But it was a wave of relief after I found out that I was selected by the Rays.”

In his third year of professional baseball, Gotta continues to improve, and a few weeks back, he was called up to Double-A to play for the Montgomery Biscuits. The 6-foot-4 outfielder draws comparisons to Hunter Pence because of his ability to hit for power and run the bases. In 26 games with Montgomery, Gotta has 11 stolen bases and has yet to be caught stealing.

“I have always been able to steal bases,” Gotta said.

An area in Gotta’s game that he hopes becomes one of his biggest strengths is the ability to hit home runs.

“Hitting home runs is a skill that I think is an important one to have in order to be a great player,” Gotta said. In fact, Gotta hit his first home run at the Double-A level last Saturday in a win against the Jackson Generals.

Gotta continues to impress no matter what level of competition he is facing, and he focuses on remembering that it’s still the game he loves.

“I have to do what I do best, and show that I belong,” Gotta said. “As long as I don’t overthink the game, hustle every single play, and do the things that do not necessarily show up in the box score, I’ll be good to go.”

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