Braves Considering Minor League Deal for Tim Tebow

Reports are beginning to emerge that the Atlanta Braves may be the team to take a flyer on Tim Tebow, as they are currently toying with the idea of signing him to a minor league contract. They were one of five teams to meet with Tebow one-on-one and are showing the most interest of the lot.

This comes after Pedro Gomez reported yesterday afternoon that the two most interested MLB teams seemingly were the Braves and the Colorado Rockies, with Jon Heyman confirming the Braves’ interest hours later.

Arguments can be made that both areas make some sense. As far as the Rockies are concerned, Tebow was oddly successful in his brief stint with the Denver Broncos, and the locals would likely welcome him back with open arms. The argument for Atlanta is intriguing, at least, depending on whom you ask. Obviously, Tebow had enormous success as the quarterback for the Florida Gators, and Georgia lies in the heart of SEC Country — just imagine the jersey sales. However, as a University of Georgia grad myself, I believe I can speak for most of Dawg country when I say that the below video surmises our feelings on bringing Tebow back to the state where he caused us so much heartache.

In case you missed how his showcase went, be sure to check out David Aardsma‘s featured Baseball Essential article on the matter.

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