Kyle Seager for 2016 AL MVP

The Most Valuable Player Award has always widely been voted on for the best player in the league, not the most valuable to their team. If it were the BPA (Best Player Award) Mike Trout would win that each and every year in the American League. In my mind it not the best player award, it’s the MVP, and arguably the most valuable player to their team this season has been Kyle Seager.

My opinion means nothing to the voters who don’t even know me or know I exist but I’m here to say that if the Seattle Mariners make the postseason in 2016, the AL MVP should be Kyle Seager.

Here’s my argument.

Seager is going to finish the 2016 campaign with career highs across the board — he will most likely finish with 30-plus home runs (currently sits at 29), over 100 RBIs (currently at 95), and could come close to 100 runs scored. His average, on-base percentage and slugging should all be career highs as well. He is in line to best his career-high OPS mark of .788 in 2014 by over 100 points. All of this comes after hitting .159 (13-82) in April. He currently sits tied for fifth in the American League with a 6.7 WAR. He will have helped lead the Mariners back to the postseason for the first time in over a decade (15 years to be exact) and he can not only change the game with his bat but also his glove.

Seager ranks in the top 15 in both dWAR(13th) and Defensive Runs Saved(14th). If it weren’t for Manny Machado at third base, he would probably have more than one Gold Glove in his career. I’m not saying that Machado didn’t deserve his Gold Gloves, but the bigger the name and better team you are on, the more votes you are going to rack up for postseason awards.

Some of the names being mentioned in the AL MVP race are understandably Trout and Jose Altuve. Both are having special seasons, but the Los Angeles Angels aren’t making the postseason and the Houston Astros are looking like they aren’t going to make it either. Mookie Betts is one of the few who could make a better case than Seager if we are judging the MVP off of the most valuable to their team. He is having a career year and the Boston Red Sox are in prime position to make a possible deep postseason run. But would the Red Sox be in the postseason or in the thick of the hunt if Betts wasn’t on the team? I would say yes, as they are most years. They have a ton of talent on that team and too much experience not to be. Would the Mariners be where they are today without Seager? No, they would be preparing for next season already.

Again, all of this is a moot point if the M’s don’t make the postseason.

If I was a gambling man, I wouldn’t put any money on Seager to win the MVP even if the M’s do make the postseason, but if nothing else, the voters should reward what has been a special season for the Mariners and Seager with some MVP votes. Finishing fifth or higher in the MVP race shouldn’t be out of the question.

Seager is a team player and couldn’t care less about his individual stats at this point. He just wants to make it to the postseason, but a career season shouldn’t be overlooked.

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  1. Jeff J. Snider

    I would be interested to hear your definition of “value,” then, if it doesn’t mean “the guy who played the best.” The fact that the Angels aren’t going to the playoffs has zero to do with Mike Trout and everything to do with his teammates, which means your actual argument is that Trout doesn’t deserve the MVP because his teammates didn’t play well. I don’t know what the abbreviation for that award would be, but it would be a lot longer than “MVP.”

    • Kyle Head

      Value can be viewed many different ways. It even lets you know that on the MVP voting ballot.
      Dear Voter:

      There is no clear-cut definition of what Most Valuable means. It is up to the individual voter to decide who was the Most Valuable Player in each league to his team. The MVP need not come from a division winner or other playoff qualifier.

      I see it as stats plus team success. Yes the MVP is an individual award but this is a team sport. You can only do so much if your teammates are bad like in Trout’s case, yes he is having a fantastic year but so are others who are doing what they are doing in the thick of a playoff race where every pitch matters. If I was a voter and voted with my head and not my heart, this year it would be Mookie Betts for an overall great individual season plus the position he has helped put his team in. My main point in this article was Kyle Seager (or Robinson Cano could’ve been wrote about too) is having a career year and pushing for the Mariners to make the postseason and end the longest drought in sports. They should at least be considered just for being the key pieces behind that run.

  2. Chuck Cecil

    Thank You for your article. Seager is astounding. I would like to propose a fantasy idea. Off the walls fantasy idea. Please allow me just this couple of moments. The Koreans have parachute bombs hanging over the state of Hawaii. They only want one thing – to be more competitive in world baseball. Everyone agrees to acquiesce. Their demand; they want one professional Baseball player. The players and their union agree. For world peace and all. Who do the Koreans pick. That is the most valuable player. Mike Trout.


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