Coach Baseball Right, A Must Have for Youth Baseball Coaches

The internet is full of resources for coaches of all levels to consume excellent teaching aids and information to help shape the way that they teach the game of baseball. One of those magnificent resources is Coach Baseball Right. Coach Baseball Right is an online baseball coaching education website founded by veteran baseball coach and instructor Steve Nicollerat, who shares his 35 years of coaching experience with us with the help of founders and fellow coaches Tom Zinselmeyer and Jim Manning.

The founding coaches at Coach Baseball Right have over 50 years of combined coaching tenure, so as you could imagine they have plenty of ideas to help shape your coaching philosophy.

Within the CBR Coaches Roadmap: A Step-by-Step Guide to Start your Season, the guys at Coach Baseball Right touch on their five things that a baseball coach should know, that stress a lot of excellent rules to remember as a coach including using baseball as a vehicle to prepare kids for life, making kids smile and enjoy the game, keeping them engaged, and knowing the the majority of coaching is developing communication and relationships with your players to accomplish these important tasks.

Far too many coaches forget that coaching baseball or any other youth sport is less about wins and losses, and more about the experience for the athlete and the development of that athlete as they become a young adult in society after their playing careers come to a close. The guys at CBR hit that point right in the head in their teachings and philosophies.

Members to the website have access to hundreds of valuable teaching resources including pre-loaded practice templates, coaching instruction, drills, and more. Having trouble finding time to put together an effective practice plan for your team? CBR has you covered with their customization ready practice plans, that you can even share with your other coaches before implementing them at your next practice readily available.

Credit: Coach Baseball Right

Credit: Coach Baseball Right

Newer coaches can hone their understanding of the inner workings of the game of baseball in the CBR coaching academy and coaching clinics. More seasoned coaches can also hone their skills in the mastering the basics area of the website. Coach Baseball Right is even a source for parents and organization directors to benefit from.

Organization directors can learn about revenue and retention, organization, league board consulting, and ways to develop a successful program with the assistance of the guys at CBR.

One of the excellent ideas that CBR has put together is the alternative to the traditional tee ball structure for the youngest of the youth baseball players today. The current tee-ball structure is a problem, as it is slow paced and as a result coaches have trouble keeping players involved in the game, sometimes to the extent that the player may lose the desire to continue playing baseball at the earliest of ages.

Today, I had lunch with a Mom of a 7 year old that told me, “my son loves to play baseball, when its his turn…when he’s not up to bat he’s bored out of his mind and playing in the dirt not paying any attention to what’s going on.” If you were a kid in today’s world, what would you rather do, play the newest and greatest video game in air conditioning, or go to the ballpark on a 90 degree day and be uncomfortable and bored standing around waiting for ‘your turn’ as the baseball coach hits one ground ball at a time to the entire team. That’s great for the player that’s fielding the ball, but for every other kid they are just standing around not doing anything…being bored and thinking about how they would rather be playing video games or doing something else.

It’s our fear that if we don’t do things that differently, and give our kids a better first experience with the game, that they will get bored and move on to something else before they give the game a chance. So its our mission to give parents and coaches the ability to have fun, fast paced practice that leave kids excited to get to the next practice. This gives us the best chance at keeping kids playing baseball, and taking the love of the game to new heights. -Coach Nicollerat

Coach Nicollerat is correct in his diagnosis that the slow pace of the current tee-ball strategy is problematic for the future of youth baseball, and I can attest to this first-hand. Outside of coaching at the high school level, I also coach my seven year old son’s park district teams. While my son is now beyond the tee-ball stage at seven years old, it was a struggle to keep him interested in learning the game beyond the two seasons of traditional tee-ball, and one of the deciding factors in my son’s continued desire to learn the game is probably related to the amount of time that he spends around the game of baseball with me as a coach.

Credit: Coach Baseball Right

Credit: Coach Baseball Right

So what can we do to fix this issue? Coach Nicollerat and his coaches at CBR have come up with a concept that would turn the old version of tee-ball into a 60-minute session broken into three 20-minute intervals, consisting of fundamental drills, a brief scrimmage, capped off by a fun games for baseball practice.

Members of CBR can view the detailed practice structure, along with step-by-step guidelines and drills for implementing and executing the new tee-ball alternative. I strongly urge every coach to seek out this information and implement this way of introducing the game to the four-to-six year old age group as soon as possible.

Coach Baseball Right is packed with hundreds of concepts, drills, templates and guides to help coaches of any experience level improve their knowledge and philosophy, as well as the players and parents that they will work with.

So what are you waiting for? Make your way to Coach Baseball Right and take advantage of all that they have to offer, and look forward to my interview with Coach Nicollerat, Coach  Zinselmeyer and Coach Manning in the very near future. We will discuss the CBR website, as well as youth baseball and player development, and if you would like to have a question answered by one of the CBR guys in the upcoming interview e-mail me your questions at [email protected] this week!

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