Starling Marte New Addition to Baseball’s Steroid Problem

Steroids have been a part of baseball for decades, making headlines every single year, and with Starling Marte‘s 80-game suspension, the steroid problem still has yet to be solved.

Stemming from legends like Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds, to more recent cases like Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun, performance enhancing drugs have been used for decades and the league has yet to find a solution. No matter what the solution is, there is always at least one big name caught every year, and it’s something MLB needs to find a way to stop.

It’s always very disappointing to see one of the league’s budding stars using PEDs to give themselves a competitive advantage. Marte, who was suspended by MLB yesterday as he was caught using the performance enhancing drug Nandrolone, has now put all of his accomplishments into question because of this.

Nobody knows how Marte would’ve played without the PEDs, and now his All-Star Game selection last season is put into question. We’ve seen the same thing with other players whose accomplishments are viewed in a different light after PED suspensions.

Whether Dee Gordon deserved his batting title or Alex Rodriguez will be inducted into the Hall of Fame, nobody knows. But what we all know is that the use of PEDs is a very big issue and it is always very disappointing to find out that one of the league’s young stars got caught using them.

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