EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Giants’ Prospect Tyler Cyr

Tyler Cyr had a great season at Double-A, and the San Francisco Giants rewarded him with a trip to the Arizona Fall League and a place on the Scottsdale Scorpions’ roster.

The 24-year-old right-hander finished 2017 with a career-low 2.19 ERA in 47 games over 41 1/3 innings, as he saved 18 games as the Richmond Flying Squirrels’ closer. Cyr was named an Eastern League Mid-Season All-Star and Baseball America included him on the Best Tools list of 2017 as the Eastern League’s “Best Reliever.”

Cyr was born 40 miles from San Francisco in the City of Fremont and grew up a Giants’ fan. He was drafted by the Giants in the 10th round of the 2015 June Draft out of Embry-Riddle University in Arizona. He majored in homeland security and minored in counter-terrorism.

He has a sneaker collection and works part-time every offseason. This year, Cyr is employed by Lululemon Athletica, a Canadian-based retailer that makes performance, lifestyle and yoga apparel and accessories.

HardballScoop.com got the chance to catch up with the Giants’ prospect on Friday, as part of our exclusive coverage of the Arizona Fall League.

How did your sneaker collection come about?

In eighth grade, myself and a few buddies got pretty obsessed with the whole (Michael) Jordan brand, everything he did in the sport and kind of spanned off from there. Now it’s kind of taking a trip into the Steph Curry’s, the Lebron’s. We would try to do as many chores as we can, save up our chore money and save the cans and recycle them. We would camp out at 8 p.m. the night before and wait for the doors to open at 6 just for these sneaker releases. I had about 65. Right now, I probably only have 35. I got rid of a lot of them because I was not wearing them. It is hard to travel with that much baggage.

What does it mean to be named a Fall League All-Star?

It’s an honor to be selected to the Fall Stars team. It’s pretty elusive, and it’s pretty incredible to look at all those names and see how much success they’ve had in their minor-league season. The majority of those guys have had the chance to play in the big leagues. I am pretty excited to be able to pitch on Saturday and it will be a blast.

What are you working on in the Fall League?

I am trying to repeat a delivery, wake up the arm. I took a break after the season and has been a learning curve taking that break. Going back, I probably would not have taken that break. I am just trying to work on some things and feel that midseason form; every day you wake up and your arm feels great and your body feels great. Fastball command and trying to repeat a delivery, I would say are my two biggest things.

What fueled your success in 2017?

Being on the same page with my teammates, from my infielders (and I) having positive chatter. Being on the same page with my catcher. Having that thought process of ‘this is what I want and this is where we are going to go. That along with a good routine, being put in situations to compete and having a lot of fun, along with some great defense behind me. All those contributed to having a successful year.

How cool was it to be drafted by the organization that you were a fan of growing up?

It’s incredible, it is definitely humbling for myself and my family. It was a huge honor to put on that San Francisco Giants’ uniform that first year in rookie ball for the time I was there. Now moving forward with the Arizona Fall League, it is an even greater honor to play in that and represent the Giants. The whole process has been unreal, the family couldn’t be more excited for me to lace up and put on a Giants’ jersey, and I am just excited.

What are your fondest memories from being a Giants’ fan?

Doing the whole day of baseball. Going to a day game in San Francisco and then hopping on Bart that night and watching the Oakland A’s play. That was probably one of the coolest things I have done and sticks in my mind; going across the bridge and being able to watch more baseball. Also watching Barry Bonds play. When he came up to the plate, everybody stopped what they were doing and watched. That kind of excellence is very rare to come by, especially how much love he has in the Bay Area. Before I was drafted, in the early 2010s, 2012s, the unreal amount of success they had, winning all those World Series, three-out-of-the-five, that is incredible. That is a dynasty by itself, and I just want to be a part of (something like) that, and I hope I get the chance too.

What are you doing at Lululemon?

I am pretty much just giving them knowledge, knowledge of the product and the fabric. Lululemon is one of those special companies. You just don’t work there – you do stuff outside of the work. This morning (Friday), I just got done with a goal seminar with a few of my coworkers. We are all trying to live healthy lifestyles and there are multiple people who also kind of have a professional sport on the side. I work with a couple of baseball players right now.

What Lululemon stands for as a company coincides with what I stand for as a person, positivity, communication, and that is something I have always wanted to do. I also think it is smart to have a steady income in the offseason. Not getting paid great during the season, you have to be smart with your money. Going into the offseason, you don’t just want to be spending your signing bonus on living. This is a good way to stay humble and network with people.

Why did you study homeland security and counter-terrorism?

I never really thought it would be a big topic of discussion. I did it to do an interesting degree and give back to people here and oversees. Moving forward, the baseball thing kind of just happened. Obviously, I love baseball, and I love playing the game. It’s a kid game, and grown men are playing it and having fun doing so. My thing was to get a degree and put myself in the best position to do so, and it was not easy. It is crazy how the whole process worked out.

Homeland security is always evolving. It is also sad to see how scary it is in this day’s world. To sit back and watch all the tragedies that are occurring here and also oversees. It definitely makes you take pride in studying something like that and hopefully one day go back and finish.

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