Obsessive Baseball Podcast (OBP): Episode 39

Brent Maguire and Jared Tims bring all the latest baseball news to one podcast. Obsessive Baseball Podcast, which debuted in March, is now a part of Baseball Essential. In Episode 39, frequent guest Alex Young joined the show and pitched in some baseball insight. Topics for this episode include:

-Alex’s insight on the Dodgers World Series run

-Latest MLB transactions and rumors

-Top 10 Relief Pitchers right now

The Obsessive Baseball Podcast keeps up with the baseball world by doing weekly podcasts and engages with their audience by answering fan mail questions. Here are some links to follow to keep up with the podcast, along with Brent and Jared.

-Brent Maguire on Twitter: @bmags94

-Jared Tims on Twitter: @Jared_Tims

-Obsessive Baseball Podcast on Twitter: @OBP_Podcast

-Obsessive Baseball Podcast library: https://soundcloud.com/obsessive_baseball_podcast

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