Baseball Essential’s 2017 Major League Baseball Season Trivia

Page 2 Answers:

  1. Which Houston Astros player took home 2017 World Series MVP honors? Answer: George Springer.
  2. True-or-False: Albert Pujols hit home run number 600 in 2017. Answer: True.
  3. Which MLB pitcher led all others in strikeouts in 2017? Answer: Chris Sale.
  4. True-or-False: The American League pennant-winning Houston Astros gained home field advantage in the Fall Classic by virtue of the AL winning the All-Star Game. Answer: False. MLB changed the existing rule that gave home-field advantage to the ASG winner prior to the 2017 season.
  5. Which player became the all-time leader in hits by a player born outside of the United States, with hit number 3,054, in 2017? Answer: Ichiro Suzuki.
  6. Did MLB combine for a record number of home runs in 2017? Answer: Yes, with 6,105.
  7. Only one no-hitter was thrown in 2017. Which MLB pitcher accomplished the feat? Answer: Edinson Volquez. Volquez struck out 10 and faced the minimum in a 3-0 Marlins win over Arizona.
  8. Name the six total MVP finalists in 2017. Answer: Jose Altuve, Aaron Judge, and Jose Ramirez in the AL, Giancarlo Stanton, Joey Votto, and Paul Goldschmidt in the NL.
  9. The Los Angeles Dodgers acquired which former Cy Young Award finalist at the non-waiver trade deadline? Answer: Yu Darvish.
  10. Which third-baseman captured his fifth gold glove award in 2017, all at the age of 26? Answer: Nolan Arenado.


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