Baseball Essential’s 2017 Major League Baseball Season Trivia

Page 4:

  1. Who were the two pitchers of record in the historic, crazy World Series Game 5?
  2. Which three teams suffered the impact of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, forcing them to hold home series at an opponents’ ballpark?
  3. True-or-False: In 2017, Rhys Hoskins hit his first 11 career home runs in fewer at-bats than anyone in baseball history.
  4. Three Oakland A’s rookies made MLB history as they each hit their first career home run in the same game in June. Name all three.
  5. True-or-False: Craig Kimbrel and Greg Holland took him the Mariano Rivera and Trevor Hoffman awards for reliever of the year in their leagues.
  6. These two dominant pitchers recorded their 2,000th career strikeout within nine days of one another, becoming the 79th and 80th hurlers to do so.
  7. Which team set an MLB record for games during which their pitchers combined for ten or more strikeouts, with nine?
  8. Mariners outfielder and designated hitter Nelson Cruz paused the All-Star Game to take a picture with which MLB umpire?
  9. Which pitcher drew an improbable four-pitch, RBI walk in the National League Championship Series, the first in postseason play since 1977?
  10. Which Astros player proposed to his girlfriend, a former Miss Texas USA winner, after Game 7 of the World Series?

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