Peter Moylan Reunites with Braves

The side-armer from Down Under is returning to Hotlanta.

Peter Moylan, 39, is going back to where it all began. Twelve years ago, the Atlanta Braves gave Moylan his first real shot to become a staple in MLB after scouting him in the 2006 World Baseball Classic — at the time, Moylan was a pharmaceutical salesman pitching for his homeland, Australia.

Fast forward to today — not to mention two Tommy John surgeries later — and the veteran is still dazzling right-handed batters. In 2017 with the Kansas City Royals, Moylan maintained a 3.49 ERA, struck out 46 in 59.1 innings, and allowed an impeccable .189 opponents’ average. While arguably pedestrian at best against lefties, giving up a slash line of .300/.442/.500 in 40 at-bats against them, his numbers against righties were laughable. In 172 at-bats against righties, the Aussie surrendered a mere .163/.246/.238.

Along with his ability to laugh in the face of right-handed batters, Moylan will bring some much-needed veteran experience back with him to Atlanta. At the time of writing this article, the age of the Braves bullpen tops out at 30 years old. Accordingly, known to be an outgoing and fun presence in the locker room and bullpen, Moylan will have a plethora to offer both on and off the field.

Pending his physical results in Orlando today — apparently where traffic still sucks — and a guaranteed major league deal, the Aussie is heading where he considers home.

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