Dodgers’ Wills Montgomerie Finding Success in Pro Ball

Right-handed pitcher Wills Montgomerie worked hard during the offseason for an increased role with the Great Lakes Loons this season. Montgomerie, who began his pro career with a two pitch combo of a cutting fastball and a curveball; went to the Los Angeles Dodgers Instructional League last fall to add a third pitch — a changeup to his repertoire.

“Coming out of college I was a two pitch guy, so adding that third pitch was big for me,” stated Montgomerie. “I went to Instructs for the purposes of focusing on the changeup. It was important for me to get comfortable with the pitch, so I could trust it in game situations.”

And the extra effort of developing a third pitch is showing in the early stages of his season in Class Low-A. Allowing just one earned run in 13 innings has been an excellent start for the former University of Connecticut star. But it has been more than his ability to rely on the changeup that has been bringing Montgomerie success. It’s the way he can keep hitters off-balance with the differences in the velocities of his cutter and curveball.

“My curveball is much slower than my fastball,” explained Montgomerie. “I would say there’s a 15-to-20 mile per hour difference between the pitches, so I’m able to keep the hitters off-balance with it. The curveball is the pitch I use to setup my fastball, and it makes my fastball look faster than it is.”

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Another positive in Montgomerie’s game is his ability to work both sides of the plate with his pitches. “I like to work inside with my fastball, especially to righties,” said Montgomerie. “When I’m able to work in with my fastball, I’m then able to go down and away with my curveball and changeup.”

Fans will definitely be following Wills Montgomerie’s development, as he continues to fine-tune his pitches in professional baseball.

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