Quiz: A Look Back at the 2017 World Series

Hey, a quiz! And a chance to look back at the best 10 days in Houston Astros history!

The 2017 World Series was one of the best postseason matchups of all time, both for fans of the two teams and the neutral audiences tuning in just for some fun baseball. It was exhilaration from (literally) the first inning of Game 1 to the Game 7, ninth-inning groundout to second that ended it all.

Some baseball historians will tell you it was the most eventful and downright best World Series of all time. Hopefully you remember it the way I, a lifelong Astros fan, do, because this quiz is a test of your baseball memory from October and November.

There was a lot to recall, and a whole bunch of stuff that would be the defining stories of a normal World Series that we had to overlook. Let’s dive right into the action and begin our 2017 World Series quiz.

2017 World Series

How much do you remember about the epic 2017 World Series?

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