QUIZ: How Well Do You Remember This MLB Offseason?

Major League Baseball’s annual offseason is a test of patience for fans, of smarts in general managers, and of determination in players. Generally speaking, if you work hard on your flaws in the offseason, when nobody is watching, it pays off when 50,000 fans pack into a ballpark to see your team play in October.

This goes for players who, from the early parts of November until spring training, condition themselves for the long haul of the summer months. It goes for GMs, who are tasked with constructing a team to contend with anyone else’s club, be it through savvy free agent signings or trades that send shock waves through the sport.

And for us fans, it’s no different. It’s a test of discipline for us; we can’t make the season come any faster, all we can do is find entertainment in the offseason moves by MLB’s 30 teams. If you’re a hardcore baseball fan, it’s likely that you pay full attention to the offseason, even though it can be boring, uneventful, and anticlimactic.

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Sometimes it’s hard to keep the green grass and shiny infield dirt in mind when the temperature outside is below-zero, but a glimpse of the beautiful summer months can be felt even in the long offseason, so long as you focus in on the best parts of the hot stove season. With the first pitches of spring training being thrown, you can test your knowledge of the game’s offseason moves with our exclusive, interactive quiz featured here.

Keep in mind that, in the 30 questions, not every notable offseason move (trade, signing, hiring, etc) is mentioned. The most important ones have a place in the rundown, and your results will reflect the amount of focus you exerted on moves like these.

Test Your Memory of the 2018-19 MLB Offseason

Though it has been a slow, mostly forgettable offseason, the winter months of the Major League Baseball calendar have still been eventful. With blockbuster trades, big-name signings, and the hiring of new managers all across the MLB map, quite a bit has happened since the World Series.

Take our quiz to test your memory of the 2018-19 MLB offseason, complete with questions about occurrences from the first days of November to now.

If you have any suggestions for future quizzes, if you want to let us know if we got anything wrong in the quiz, or if you want to post your score and compare it to other competitors, feel free to sound off in the comments.

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