Dodgers Infield Prospect Sam McWilliams is Adjusting to Playing in the Midwest League

Infielder Sam McWilliams is looking to build off his All-Star nod in the Pioneer League with the low-A Great Lakes Loons.

Slashing .291/.402/.601 with a 1.004 OPS with the Ogden Raptors, there was little doubt that McWilliams was ready for a bigger challenge.

And he has found that challenge in the Midwest League, as the ball travels differently in the Midwest League than it does in the Pioneer League.

“I’m trying to be more direct towards the ball,” explained McWilliams. “In Ogden, I could put something in the air, and it would go out, but here that’s not the case. I’m trying to be more gap-to-gap here.”

He has picked up eight hits in 54 at-bats with the Loons during his transition phase.

Obviously, McWilliams will be looking to up his numbers before the end of the season. But until the season concludes, McWilliams will remain a reliable fielder at second base for the Loons.

He has logged 380 innings in the field this season, where McWilliams has maintained a .950 fielding percentage while taking part in 21 double plays and assisting on another 76 plays.

He credits his good season in the field to the help he has received from the Dodgers infield coaches throughout the year. But while he’s happy with his play, he still sees a little room for improvement.

“I’ve gotten a lot better this season,” said McWilliams. “I can’t thank the infield coaches enough for helping me get the work in, but I still have a long ways to go.”

McWilliams has another week left in his 2019 campaign before the playoffs, and then his offseason routine begins.

And he has big plans for his offseason, as he’s looking forward to a little rest and a lot of weight training to be bigger and stronger for 2020.

“I’m looking forward to going home and spending time with the family before hitting the weight room in January,” stated McWilliams. “At that point, I’ll kick start everything for next season.”

Be sure to follow Sam McWilliams for the remainder of this season, as he looks to finish strong for the Great Lakes Loons before preparing for another big season in 2020.

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