Off Air with Joe and Orel: Episode 21 – Dustin May (Dodgers)

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Joe and Orel are joined this week by Dodgers starting pitcher Dustin May, who fills the guys in on what it’s like growing up in Justin, TX and how he went from barely being recruited out of high school to a Rookie of the Year candidate at age 22. Dustin also shares his favorite ice cream flavor and gives his thoughts on Orel choosing oatmeal as one of his top cereals. Dave Roberts then joins to talk about the emotional series last week in San Francisco and share a little behind-the-scenes of how those conversations went down. He also talks about the status of the team post-trade deadline and what they’re looking for over the final month of the season. All three then go over their “top four ice cream flavors” as well as the best thing they saw this week. Finally, Joe and Orel close with mailbag questions about the Alumni Game and what type of baseball player Joe was in high school. All that and more on Episode 21 of Off Air with Joe and Orel!

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