2020’s Top Ten Gifts for the Baseball Fan in Your Life

The holiday gift-giving season is upon us, and if you’re reading this, there’s a good change you know (or are) a baseball fan. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a loved one or just want something cool to put on your own wish list, we here at Baseball Essential (with some help from our friends at Dugout Mugs) have the ultimate list for you. Don’t strike out this holiday season! Here are the top ten gifts for the baseball fans in your life that are guaranteed to be a home run!

(For the record, there are no affiliate links in this article, and no one paid us to publish it. What you see is what you get: cool gifts for baseball fans.)

1. The Dugout Mug

Swig for the fences this seasons and drink from the barrel of a baseball bat! The Dugout Mug is officially licensed by Major League Baseball and features laser engraved logos of your favorite MLB team. These wooden mugs are double-sealed to last a lifetime, accommodate hot or cold drinks, and hold up to 12 ounces of your favorite beverage, and they’re 30% OFF right now when you use the code BAT30 at checkout!


2. Personalized Grilling Tools from Baseball BBQ

The folks at BaseballBBQ have combined their love for America’s Pastime and grilling. From backyards to ballparks, they have you covered with products like the “Turn Two” combo featuring the Slide Spatula and Forkball Fork as well as the home plate cutting board, all of which can be be laser engraved and customized for the baseball lover in your life.


3. The Wined Up

We have a baseball bat mug just for wine, too! Wined Up Mugs hold 6 oz of your favorite wine and feature your favorite MLB team’s logo! Get 30% off MLB team Wined Ups with code BAT30 at checkout!

4. The Classic Billfold from Fielder’s Choice Goods

There’s nothing quite like a nice, broken-in ball glove. This bi-fold wallet lets you keep the comfort of your favorite baseball glove right in your pocket! Fielder’s Choice Goods uses 100% authentic, vintage baseball glove leather to create a one-of-kind product that every fan would love!

5. The Shortstop Mug

The 9oz Shortstop Mug is perfect for coffee, gatorade, whiskey, or your favorite cocktail! Celebrate your favorite MLB team with these mugs engraved with retro logos. Get 30% off MLB team Shortstops with code BAT30 at checkout!


6. Home Plate from Barnwood Sports

Barnwood Sports makes artistic, wood home plates. They’ve made pieces for the Hall of Fame & Team USA Baseball, and could soon make one for the baseball fanatic in your life. After all, there’s no place like home for the holidays!


7. The Knob Shot 

The Knob Shot is a 1oz shot glass made from the handle of a baseball bat! Have it engraved with the hometown team, and it makes a great gift at a great price! Get 30% off MLB team Knob Shots right now with code BAT30 at checkout!

8. Babe Ruth Long Ball Licorice

A tasty treat for all ages! Babe Ruth Long Ball™ Licorice is a tobacco substitute and delicious candy that comes in two mouthwatering flavors, Black and Red Raspberry. Two delicious, soft and pliable candies that bring the ballpark to everyone!


9. The Season Opener

You can’t catch a game without cracking open a cold one, and you can’t crack open a cold one without this! The Season Opener is a bottle opener made from the handle of a baseball bat! Add your favorite MLB team’s logo to complete the experience. Get 30% off MLB team Season Openers RIGHT NOW with code BAT30 at checkout!

10. Any Shirt from Obvious Shirts

If your baseball fanatic has a thing for t-shirts, this company has you covered! Obvious shirts has a way of communicating exactly what you want to say right on the front of an uber-comfortable shirt. Take a look– you might find one featuring their favorite baseball player!

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