Dodgers Prospect Cole Percival Making a Name for Himself in Pro Ball

Right-handed pitcher Cole Percival is working hard as a member of the High-A Great Lakes Loons rotation. Percival, the son of former MLB pitcher Troy Percival, is making a name for himself in pro ball.

Pitching 35.2 innings so far in 2022, Percival has racked up 28 strikeouts with a WHIP of 1.40.

Currently in his second season with Great Lakes, Percival really enjoys the staff and stadium of the Dodgers’ High-A affiliate.

“I feel we have a great staff,” said Percival. “It starts with Austin Chubb. It’s my second year playing with him, and I feel he runs a really good team. I think that can be said about the rest of the Dodgers organization. It’s well staffed all-around and Dow Diamond is really nice too, so no complaints there.”

Percival feels he has made some improvements to his game since last season.

“I feel at the beginning of last year I was really trying to cut down on the running game and be quicker to the plate,” explained Percival. “I’m happy that I’m quick to the plate now, I’m cutting down on stolen bases, and I’ve been able to find the zone while doing so.”

Finding success of the mound with his five-pitch repertoire, Percival features a four-seam fastball, a two-seam fastball, a changeup, a curveball, and a slider.

“If they’re not on my fastball I’m sticking with it,” stated Percival. “When this happens, it makes the rest of my pitches better. My best secondary pitch is my changeup, I think it looks similar to my fastball out of my hand but dives. I like to use both of my fastballs and mix the changeup in with them. I think it makes my fastballs that much better.”

Percival also likes his breaking balls, especially his slider. “They’re good,” Percival said. “The slider is a pretty new addition. I don’t throw too many curveballs. But the slider has become a pretty good pitch, especially breaking away from right-handed hitters. I would really like it to pick up more strikeouts and kind of put guys away with it.”

Even though, Percival is making a name for himself in the Dodgers’ system, he still finds it helpful getting feedback from his father, who was his pitching coach in high school and in college.

“My dad told me it was pretty much the same thing when I turned pro,” stated Percival. “He fills me in what they might be looking to see. He helps me read hitters, but it’s mainly business as usual like in college. He’s going to watch. He’s going to tell me what he thinks, and we go from there. If he sees something he’s going to let me know.”

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