Dodgers Prospect Max Hewitt Adjusting to Pro Ball

Prospect Max Hewitt has been making the adjustment to affiliated baseball this past year and he’s loving it so far. Hewitt, who signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers a year ago, came into camp as a catcher but is currently a versatile player for the High-A Great Lakes Loons.

“I have enjoyed every moment of professional baseball so far,” said Hewitt. “There is so much talent in the organization that I come to the yard and see something incredible and learn something new every day. We are also lucky to have a loaded staff in an organization that prioritizes player development. I’ve been lucky enough to spend a lot of time with people who have been successful in the game, and I had a plan coming in about how I wanted to handle myself, my routine, my game making adjustments, and the different aspects of it. I haven’t tried to reinvent the wheel. I’m going to play my game, but I want to use the resources we have to continue to grow, improve, and progress daily.”

Appearing in games at first base, second base, and on the mound so far for Great Lakes wasn’t the initial plan for Hewitt, but he takes pride in his versatility.

“I love to play, and I love to compete,” stated Hewitt. “The more the better, and versatility created more opportunities to get me out there than otherwise. I have a lot of experience in the infield and I’m glad that I can provide some depth at those positions for our team. I’m going to be ready to do whatever we need on any given day.”

Even though Hewitt is enjoying his role with Great Lakes this season, he sees himself back behind the plate longterm in the future.

“Over the past year I have focused a lot on developing behind the plate,” explained Hewitt. “I signed as a catcher, and I think I have the skills it takes to be really good back there. When the opportunity presents itself, I want to go back there and our pitchers to trust that they can throw their best stuff and that a high-level receiver is on the other end of it, that pitches are going to get blocked, and that I have done my homework and will call a great game back there. That’s the job and that is what I spent instructional league, this past offseason, as well as this spring training preparing to do, as well as staying sharp in the infield.”

Another area Hewitt is making adjustments is at the plate. Currently 2-for-19 on the young season, Hewitt is tweaking his plate approach a little bit to adjust to the power arms he has been facing in High-A.

“The pitch characteristics that you see at this level and up constitutes more riding fastballs and power arms, so one of the adjustments I’m making is being able to cover that as well as not chasing the pitch that’s up,” stated Hewitt. “It looks enticing at the top and when its 88-90 it’s a pitch you can do damage to, but at 95+ when it starts at the top it is a swing-and-miss pitch.”

Be sure to follow Max Hewitt as he continues to be versatile in the field and adjust to professional pitching.

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