Locked On Dodgers: The Trevor Bauer Discussion has Major Flaws + Could Dodgers Get Pablo Lopez & Debunking Jose Canseco

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We don’t have all the facts — or even hardly any of the facts — about what actually happened in the Trevor Bauer situation. But we do have a few facts, and people are routinely dismissing them, disregarding them, or misunderstanding them in the conversation about what the Dodgers should do with him. Jeff goes on a little rant about the few facts we do know and why they don’t match up with so much of what people are saying. Then we talk about a potential Los Angeles trade for Pablo Lopez of the Marlins and why it might or might not work out. And finally, a listener passed along a story from Jose Canseco’s book from about 20 years ago, and Jeff dug in and proved that Canseco lied (shocker!).

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